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Brit Milah


Apart from being a respected Rabbi in Montreal, Rabbi Bright is also recognized as a highly skilled Mohel.

Rabbi Bright is medically certified having successfully completed surgical training.  This means that Rabbi Bright is meticulously trained in carrying out a safe, completely sterile, virtually painless and almost bloodless circumcision.  Equally important, Rabbi Bright is educated in recognizing anatomical anomalies that will obviate a circumcision.

In addition to topical anaesthetic and dressings that include an antibiotic and a blood coagulant, all instruments used by Rabbi Bright are sterilized and autoclaved.

Being a traditional Rabbi the religious and halachic guidelines surrounding the performance of a traditional halachic standards (laws governing circumcision) are met.

Please feel free to contact Rabbi Bright with questions you might have pertaining to this sacred rite: Tel. 514.484.1122 ext. 110 or email


My wife and I were more than pleased with the level of professionalism
Rabbi Bright displayed while performing our son Leo’s Brit Milah.

Because he is a mohel as well as a Rabbi we were happy to only have to deal with one person who could guide us medically as well as spiritually.

Rabbi Bright officiated a wonderful, personal event at our home and was a source of comfort to our entire family both young and old, not to mention Leo.

Aside from the actual event, Rabbi Bright followed up with us and Leo to make sure everything was healing and had healed properly.

My wife and I highly recommend
Rabbi Bright as a Mohel and as a spiritual guide.


~ Peter

I am happy that Rabbi Bright officiated our son’s Brit Milah. He met with us several days before the Brit to meet our son and to make sure that we were ready. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and patient, answering all of our questions, and he followed up with us again before the procedure to make sure we were ready. During the procedure, he took every effort to make sure that our baby was safe, healthy, and as comfortable as possible. After the Brit, Rabbi Bright was available 24 hours a day in case we had questions or concerns until (and after) he checked up on our baby a week after the Brit.  

Throughout the entire process, Rabbi Bright was kind, compassionate, and helpful and although it could have been a stressful procedure, he made us feel prepared and comfortable.

~ Dan


On behalf of our family, we would like to express our deepest appreciation to
Rabbi Bright for performing the circumcision of our son. His service was truly meaningful, personalized, and intimate. His kind demeanor, warmth, and professionalism were much appreciated on such a special occasion for us.


~ Derek



Rabbi bright was the absolute best choice for our son's Brit. He guided us through the steps and reassured us of the process. We felt confident in his capabilities, and his service for the Brit was a special moment for us.

~ Jarred & Christina


My partner and I were initially apprehensive about a Brit.

Rabbi Bright addressed our concerns with patience, compassion, and humour, and transformed what was initially a high-stress procedure, into one of joy, celebration and shared sacredness with the entire family.

Immensely grateful to have had Rabbi Bright lead this occasion for our new family.

~ Ryan

Fri, October 18 2019 19 Tishrei 5780