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Considering conversion to Judaism is met with many different emotions and thoughts.  One's internal spiritual beliefs undergo an awakening that questions beyond their own faith to consider converting to Judaism.  The reasons why people become Jewish are varied. Many are involved with someone who is of the Jewish faith and want to solidify their union by way of conversion. Others might be on their own spiritual journey and want to explore Judaism as a means of furthering their knowledge and interest in Judaism, and immerse in the many different facets of Judaism; reading, hearing lectures, attending Jewish religious ceremonies, and so forth.

Whatever one's reason for considering Conversion, Rabbi Bright is an excellent choice to walk you through the process.  He is interested in understanding your reasons in considering conversion.  He is extremely dedicated in ensuring that after meeting with him that you are fully informed about the time and commitment involved throughout the Conversion process.  Please call or email Rabbi Bright to schedule an initial meeting to discuss and ask any questions about the Conversion process.  You will leave feeling you have a full understanding about what converting to Judaism entails.  Rabbi Bright offers private Conversion sessions, or joint conversion classes.
Rabbi Bright:  514.484.1122 ext. 110 or

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Conversion process - Personal experiences from Members 

This process was the most terrifying thing I have ever done. I was terrified of what my family, my friends and members of the synagogue would think of me. I will always remember the first time I attended Shabbat services, I nearly froze in the doorway. Rabbi Bright walked over to me, all the way to the back of the main sanctuary and welcomed me, making me feel comfortable and that I belong. From that day on things got less and less terrifying. I made life long friends and I have become part of this amazing community. I couldn't be happier.

My upbringing was non-religious (Catholic) in a neutral household. Throughout the years I found myself surrounded by Judaism, my closes friends were Jewish, my half-sister, coworkers, etc.…. but it wasn’t until 2015 that I considered conversion. Friends would invite me to Passover and other holidays, which I enjoyed. However it wasn’t until I assisted a family Shabbat dinner that I fell in love with the beauty of Shabbat that brings to every family. It was clear to me that this was what I wanted for my future family. I concluded that Judaism brings a quality of life full of great values and joy.
 I remember meeting with Rabbi Bright and telling him how I wanted to create a Jewish family and life even if my relationship was failing. I started the classes the same week that my relationship had ended. It was very hard to be doing this alone but my classmates and Rabbi Bright were very supportive.
The classes were very interesting; I learned so much about religion, history and so much more and even made new friends. I always kept my faith and halfway through my conversion, I met someone.  We got engaged within 5 months and married in July 2017. Our marriage is based on Jewish law and traditions which works wonderfully for us, we keep Shabbat and intend to pass it on to our future children. 
 This process wasn’t easy, it requires a lot of courage, discipline and time but the outcome is wonderful. I feel truly blessed that my life shifted in this direction and I owe it all to Rabbi Bright. - Xochil

Thank you, Rabbi Bright, for your time and for the great privilege of being part of the program. It has been indeed a wonderful life-changing process and an enlightening spiritual journey, a time of personal and spiritual growth that laid the foundation of our new family life. Sincerely, Ana R

Thu, 30 May 2024 22 Iyyar 5784