Brit Milah


Apart from being a respected Mohel in Montreal, Rabbi Bright is also recognized as a highly skilled Mohel.

Rabbi Bright is medically certified having successfully completed surgical training.  This means that Rabbi Bright is meticulously trained in carrying out a safe, completely sterile, virtually painless and almost bloodless circumcision.  Equally important, Rabbi Bright is educated in recognizing anatomical anomalies that will obviate a circumcision.

In addition to topical anaesthetic and dressings that include an antibiotic and a blood coagulant, all instruments used by Rabbi Bright are sterilized and autoclaved.

Being a traditional Rabbi the religious and halachic guidelines surrounding the performance of a traditional halachic standards (laws governing circumcision).

Please feel free to contact Rabbi Bright with questions you might have pertaining to this sacred rite: Tel. 514.484.1122 ext. 110 or email


Fri, December 15 2017 27 Kislev 5778