Nancy Cooperberg

On behalf of the Board of Directors and my family, Shana Tova, G'mar Hatimah Tovah, Happy New Year.  

Members who have participated in our various events will attest to the outstanding programs and services we have offered in a most welcoming and inviting atmosphere.  We are a family that prays together, sits together and enjoys each other's company.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of a very talented and committed group who enable us to continue to provide quality programs and services. They are positive in their aim to achieve their goal of bringing all our members into the vibrant life of our Shul.

We welcomed Cantor Daniel Benlolo, as the wonderfully engaging, new Chazzan of Shaare Zedek Congregation.

Our Sisterhood President, Caryn Roll continues to do an outstanding job along with her most enthusiastic Committees.  The Book Club and the Film Club are very well attended and provide a most enjoyable afternoon. The Women's Rosh Chodesh services and Kabbalat Shabbats are deserving of praise for the effort our women expend in making them all very inviting for everyone.

This year we will begin a Capital Fund Raising Campaign for our Shul.  As in the Parshah Vayakhel, we hope to accomplish a communal building together.  All the people came together to contribute to the construction of the Mishkan.  We do not have to build a Mishkan, however, we must update, upgrade and maintain our beloved Shaare Zedek.  In Moses' days it is said the people were most enthusiastic in their giving.  I look forward to acknowledging that each one of us has made an enthusiastic commitment to continue this warm, welcoming and spiritual home that will always be available to us and to our future generations.

See you all at Shul.


Fri, December 15 2017 27 Kislev 5778